How to Deliver a Ted Worthy Presentation

The MELT approach helps business executives and technical professionals give outstanding presentations. Clients gain self-knowledge about what's going on inside of them and more awareness of what others are seeing on the outside. They learn that, at the end of the day, it's much simpler to be authentic than to try to figure out how to look like you're being authentic.

"As a business guy trying to improve my presence and communication skills Shelley has been AWESOME!  I've been working with her for the past six months and have really (a) broken through some boundaries and blocks I had, and (b) really picked up on a level of communication and being that I was previously not really in tune with.
I've also worked with Shelley on specific projects / getting ready for specific speaking engagements.  More on that
"    -Adam Smith, Founder of Xobni


Elements of Effective Public Speaking

• Empathy
• Intuition
• Authenticity
• Expressivity
• Self-Knowledge
• Congruity