Shelley Mitchell generously shares her sources with her clients by giving them custom made reading, film and Youtube lists. Her starter suggestions consist of some of today’s most profound thinkers: Jill Bolte-Taylor’s My Stroke of Insight, Jaron Lanier’s You are Not A Gadget, Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, Ekhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, The Tools by Phil Stutz and Chip Conley’s Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow. Shelley helps her clients comprehend the subtle and hard to grasp implications of these in-depth thinkers so that they can find new perspectives and a firm foundation in order to speak from their best self.

One-on-One Consulting:
• Public Speaking
• Leadership
• Personal Balance 

• Wellness

• Self-Actualization


Shelley Mitchell’s individually structured approach enables her clients to find their authentic voice and convey their message through meaningful and dynamic presentations. Intimately aware of the challenges around creating tangible and lasting change, Shelley Mitchell’s hands on approach forges change from the inside out. This path to authenticity focuses on finding one's center, reducing stress and increasing in-the-moment awareness. The vitality unleashed when someone speaks from the heart can change the culture of a room and have people on the edge of their seats.


Shelley Mitchell’s approach utilizes some of the most insightful research currently available on left brain (logical thinking) and right brain (intuitive thinking). Through understanding the nuances of each, Shelley enhances her client’s ability to hone in on their message while simultaneously being aware of how their message might be being perceived by others. This individualized, hands on, training gives each client a chance to find their own path as they identify and transform habitual roadblocks which may have impeded their past presentations. Through increased awareness and self-expression Shelley Mitchell clears the way for each person to speak from a congruent and authentic sense of self.


We’re all familiar with the term “Tip of the iceberg” –- i.e., 90% of it is submerged. This training program focuses on leveraging that which may not be apparent. Real transformation happens with increased awareness of emotional, cultural and circumstantial factors that are invisible to the eye, yet are running the show.