Shelley is also a performing artist, drama teacher and writer, best known for her critically acclaimed adaptation of TALKING WITH ANGELS: Budapest 1943. She has performed it over 400 times at festivals and private salons in the USA and Europe, most recently at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  

She started her formal education at Emerson College studying dramatic art and completed her bachelors at New York University with a degree in nursing.  She studied acting with the Oscar nominated actor and renowned acting teacher, Lee Strasberg. She is also a graduate of The Circle in the Square theater school in NYC.  In addition to corporate coaching, Shelley is currently the artistic director of THE DUSE STUDIO OF DRAMATIC ART, in Los Angeles.

Shelley's presentation and self-actualization techniques include Method Acting, Applied Kinesiology, Enneagram Essence Types and Archetypical Mapping (the use of films, theater and culture to understand ones self).  There is also a strong emphasis on helping clients  understand  left/right brain personality traits. Shelley has had a life long passion for dramatic art, fine art, philosophy  esoteric studies, psychology, healing and physics.   She utilizes this mix of art and science to help her clients bring new understanding and freedom to express themselves in their personal and professional life.

Shelley Mitchell is a presentation, leadership and self-actualization coach.  She's worked extensively with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, designers, engineers and lawyers seeking  to be authentic, charismatic speakers able to present their ideas succinctly, yet sound unscripted and engaging.